Champlain College Software Engineering Advisory Board

One of the things that I have been invited to do this year that I am really looking forward to is participate on the Advisory Board for the Software Engineering Department at Burlington based Champlain College. The funny thing about that links is that there is a picture of myself and architecture guru Keith Pleas on the page! That was taken at the Vermont.NET’s June 2003 meeting where we had Keith come in as our INETA Speaker, Thom Robbins spoke also, MSDN was filming us as part of their video on how great INETA is and we helped celebrate INETA’s 100th Speaker Bureau event! There were 50 people at the meeting. Champlain is proud to host our summer meetings.

Champlain is a very advanced with their technology and even just built a new building dedicated to it. They have a degree program in Software Engineering and even a offer a masters degree in I.T.

So as a software professional, someone who has lots of involvement with Microsoft and also someone who spends a lot of time looking at [some] of the future products coming down the pipes, I do have something to offer the college as they plan for the next academic year of preparing students for the real world!

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