Cheer up!

Okay, I have depressed way too many people in sharing the sad news about having to put both Tasha and Daisy to sleep in the past week.

Here’s how I cheer myself up though, by walking around my house and admiring all of the new life.

The peonies are getting ready to pop!
garden 002

The Rhodedenrons were amazing when I got home and still are. This picture does not do justice to how spectacular they truly are and how much they are glowing. It’s supposed to rain today so that might take them out since the petals are already starting to drop.rhodies

This, one of a number of Clematis, is growing like crazy.
garden 006

This is a corner of the field. I cannot figure out how to take a picture of 2 acres of Lupine with some phlox mingled 010

The glam irisies are opening and the siberians are just getting started.irises sibirises

Columbine in many colors.

Something we can’t believe survives through our winters, a Japanese 015

And the last few pansies waiting to get put into 016  

Hope that helps!

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2 thoughts on “Cheer up!

  1. Honey, I’m so sorry about the dogs.You must find yourself turning around all the time expecting them to be around the house.I’m glad you’re able to see the bright side (flowers and puppies), and I know it was time for those sweet old girls.Have a nice dog hiatus and I hope you enjoy the next generation as much.

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