Driving? Pay 150% attention to the road

I have not been able to stop thinking about this. Fellow blogger, Liz Lawley, who I admire a lot, wrote yesterday about a recent terrible tragedy in her family. Her sister’s new husband (of 6 months) was killed in a head-on collision when the driver of the other car swerved into his lane because she was busy doing something to her bagel. Think about that next time you are drving while…[searching for a better radio station/eating your lunch/talking on the phone/settling a kids fight in the back seat/checking your email/trying to dial a phone #, etc.]. Pull over if you need to be so distracted for god’s sake. Although I start to cry every time I think about this, I also have some sympathy for the girl (driver of the other vechicle) who just wasn’t using her head – but now has to live with the horror of what she is responsible for for the rest of her life. It’s too high of a price for everyone to have paid. And I am just as guilty of this type of occasional inattentiveness as most people.

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