EBay drama

Rich and I were bidding on a pair of Sherpa Snow Shoes with step in bindings. They have stopped manufacturing them (ummm out of business) and we have been trying to get some for two years. A pair came on ebay for $60. We were the only bidder at $60 for days and days. Of course, when there were only 4 minutes left, a “sniper” appeared. (I have also sniped before successfully…so I am not saying there is anything wrong with it.) I was upstairs watching and refreshing, over remote desktop to my computer downstairs. When I saw that the person had overbid my max, I went to put in a new maximum bid. It asked me for my password again. That was downstairs next to my computer. I have a broken foot and am on crutches and there were only 3 minutes left! I managed to get down the stairs without killing myself. I had to get the screen warmed up, log back into my windows session and enter the password. I managed to do this with 20 seconds left. I had to raise my maximum 2 more times and managed to get them! Oh the pounding heart! But I really wanted them! I have a pair of Sherpas with lace up bindings because I did not have crampon compatible hiking boots at the time I originally bought them. Now when Rich and I are winter hiking, it takes me about 10 minutes to get into my snowshoes, so I have been really wanting these for years. Sometimes Rich lets me use his and he uses mine so he doesn’t have to wait for me (he can lace ’em up faster) Hooray!!! These are fantastic showshoes. I have no idea why they went out of business.

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