Go Brian Go! 1200 km Paris-Brest-Paris bike ride starts today

Our friend Brian Berry is pedaling in the Paris Brest Paris ride that started today. It’s a 1200km route that must be completed in 90 hours. That’s about 750 miles in 3.75 days. That’s about 200 miles per day. The ride is every 4 years. Brian has ridden it before, though I can’t recall how many times. He  does a lot of long distance riding. In the past when Brian and his wife have come to visit, he generally leaves their home in Woodstock NY on his bike at about 2am and she drives up. It’s about a 250 mile drive to where we lived the first time they did this. The second time, he slacked off and only road to Burlington – just 230 miles. That’s about a normal day’s ride for Brian. He thinks nothing of riding through the night with lamps. He’s a nut.

Brian also often rides in the “BMB” (Boston Montreal  Boston ride) also 1200 km and goes almost right by our house.

RUSA (Randonneurs USA) also has lots of great info on PBP and the riders from the U.S.

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