.NET Community and political divide

I can see it brewing already. One of the interesting things about our community is that it has brought a lot of people together who have in common our absolute passion for programming and technology which is an incredible thing as it crosses every divide I can think of.

However, I think that sadly, the politics of the u.s. is right now driving a huge wedge between people and as many (like myself) can no longer hold their tongues about their feelings, I worry about the animosity that it could create between us. I know that I have many strong and respectful relationships with people that have different political views than myself and I have no worries about those relationships. It’s the people that we don’t know well, as we hold up our political badges and that becomes our key identifier.

We’ll probably get past it after a few weeks and get back to our programming rants and raves but for now, be careful about who you target with your criticism – let’s not get personal.

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