Ode to a cat

Shelley applies her poetry and beautiful camera work to her little kitty, umlauts and all, the sweet little ….. ahem.

I have to say, re: claws, G.B.’s got quite long because I, too, am a complete wimp about clipping them. Imagine a 15 pound cat launching off your lap using the claws for traction as Shelley so aptly describes. Or worse yet, the cat that realizes he is sliding off your lap and uses those daggers to grab hold. G.B. also snuggles with me in bed at night. I wake up frequently if he’s not there, wondering where he is. Of course I wake up frequently when he is there too for various reasons having to do with…. those claws. Last week, GB got the daggers cut back at the vet. He is now working hard all over the house to get them sharpened back up again.


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