Oreo’s – A great source of calcium

At a recent check-up, my doctor reminded me that now that I’m getting to be such an old lady (okay, she didn’t quite put it that way) I need to be more conscientious about my calcium intake. I asked her if the half & half in my coffee counted. No. How about the small bowl of ice cream once in a while in the evening? No.

I remember my mother telling me about a doctor appt she had in her late 60’s (not so long ago) when the doctor complemented her on how strong and healthy her bones were. Her reply to the doctor was that it was thanks to all those cookies she eats, because when she eats cookies, she pours a glass of milk to go with them.

So after lunch that day, (thanks to my husband’s habit of stockpiling cookies in the house (which is normally a really big problem for me)), I happily placed 2 Oreo cookies on my plate, poured myself a glass of milk, and fed my bones.

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