Sad Soap Opera of the tiny town of my alma mater is on’s home page today

I am a graduate of a college that I will love until the day I die, Well College. I went to Wells almost begrudgingly, with my heart set on studying film at a giant party school: Syracuse University. Being at a tiny 500 student school with no boys around seemed like hell for an 18 year old. During my first semester I begged my parents to let me transfer, but they made me promise to see the year out.

And I fell in love with Wells and spent my entire four years there, learning, learning who I was and not worrying about how I appear or sound to possible love-interests in my classes. It’s amazing to have all of that stripped away so that you can just keep your eye on the prize – getting a great education. I allude to this in my “Proud to be a Geekette” essay on OReillyNet’s Women in Tech series.

Wells is in a tiny little town in New York State on huge Cayuga Lake (one of the finger lakes) half way up the lake from Cornell (in Ithaca). Many former Wells students stayed in Aurora after graduating. Most continue to have strong ties in one way or another. Mine is through the incredible friendships that I have maintained with a number of women that I graduated with and are still the absolutely dearest friends in my life.

One former grad (from before my time) went on to create the American Doll company and in the 90’s sold it to Mattel for $700 million dollars. She decided to use a lot of her new-found fortune to help the college and to help the town. But it was soon apparent to many that her help came at a cost. She turned the town into a big doll house, which created a moral conundrum for so many and a rift through the residents of the town. I haven’t been back since my 5th reunion, but have been thinking that I’ll be there for the one coming in 2008. (my TWENTY-5th! Egad!). I wonder if I’ll mourn the old Fargo, where I spent probably more evenings over those 4 years than I would like to admit. Oh, the memories! ūüėČ

While my suspicion is that there is a Wells alum working at CNN, it must be a slow news day because this is the headline story on this morning. In reality, the article comes from the AP Newswire and was written by Helen O’Neill.

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