It’s been snowing for about 5 hours. The grass is still peeking through the wet & slimy white stuff, but the ground is throughly covered. And I"m sitting here at my computer wearing a brand new pair of back country ski boots trying to determine if they are keeper or not. I’d say winter is here.

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2 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Sounds to me like winter is definitely there!I’m sitting at my computer wearing a swimming suit because the outside air temperature is 74F and it’s even warmer in the house. (My home office faces south.)–rj

  2. It snowed a little bit here last night, but not enough to stick.I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 8 years now, but still am a California boy at heart.I miss it when "going to the snow" involved an hour drive to the mountains as opposed to a 15 second walk to the garage where the shovel is.I do enjoy watching the snow fall through the windows, though — just not being out working or driving in it.Sigh.OK, I’m done whining now…:)Enjoy your boots.

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