Some “Extreme” skiing and the how the virtual 1st down line works

I actually went skiing yesterday. Rich and I went to Mad River and we skiid in the woods all day. THis is a big deal for me. I am afraid of trees. I do things like snow plow, make a turn and stop for  3 minutes, etc. One of the reasons is that even though I have skiid most of my life, I switched over to telemark skiing a few years ago and just don’t have that edge of being able to ski on absolutely anything anymore (yet). But after a few hours my confidence was great. I wasn’t swooshing down through the trees by any means, but I know that I can go in there and be in control and even enjoy myself a little. The rest of the ski area (open trails) was pretty windblown and classic eastern skiing while the woods had gobs of fresh (hard packed) powder. One spot that we skiid on not once but twice was (well seemed!) almost totally vertical for about 150′. So now I know that I can get down stuff like that too. And heck, I can even walk today.

Here are some great videos of awesome tele skiiers skiing in the woods, on the bumps and all over at Mad River.

We actually watched a good part of the super bowl, little of the 1st q and the full 4th q – apparently missed the half time tata show. Anyway, we were really curious about how they get that orange 1st down line and it was darned easy to find the answer on google.

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