The work-at-home donut disadvantage

I think this post is just for my friend Dave who works at home and has more than his fair share of blog posts about donuts.

Rich bought a box of little chocolate covered donuts last night. I begged and pleaded with him to let me have some. He’s a good husband though and tries to help me when it comes to succumbing to my dreadful addiction to chocolate. Especially as he’s the one who has to hear me whine about the way my jeans fit (or don’t, as the case may be).

His first response was “donuts are for people who go to work”. That did not go over well since I happen to work about 12 or more hours a day. So then he tried “donuts are for people who leave the house to go to work.” Boo hiss.

After he “left the house to go to work” this morning I came downstairs knowing that surely, because he loves me so very very much, he had left me a few of these little tasty treats. But they were nowhere to be found. He told me later that he had departed with the fully sealed box of donuts this morning. I had to make due with oatmeal, since the closest possible source is a 25 minute round trip drive. So here it is, nearly lunchtime, and I’m still thinking about those damned donuts!

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