Silverlight 2.0 is finally unwrapped! Thanks Scott.

This morning, Scott Guthrie has finally made public the list of features that we will see in Silverlight 2.0. He also include links to EIGHT tutorials all at once, rather than waiting for them blog post by blog post.

Scott says “We are shortly going to release the first public beta of Silverlight 2”. All bets are on the obvious: at MIX08 in a few weeks.

Among the new features are

  • a bevy of built-in controls (even controls for databinding)
  • Support for WCF (goodbye to the hacks we have had to perform so far)
  • Cross domain support (hip hip hooray!)
  • LINQ to XML support (more hoorays – now I don’t have to send things off to a web service to leverage LINQ to XML)

The first beta will be about 4MB and take a whopping 4-10 seconds to install.

See Scott’s post for all of the juicy details and the links to the 8 tutorials.

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