Silverlight’s VS2008 Controls …that’s where the DataGrid is!

Last week, I pointed out a screenshot in Expression Blend from Scott Guthrie’s post about Silverligth 2.0, showing a lot of new controls. Roger Jennings asked – so where’s this datagrid I keep hearing about? I thought perhaps it was in the additional tools that were not visible in the screenshot, since there was a scrollbar.

I installed Silverlight 2.0 and the March Preview of Expression Blend 2.5 (oh dear, another “.5” version) and opened up to see what else was there. Here’s the default view.

Here are all of the controls in the asset library.

No DataGrid.

BUt then I created a new Silverlight app in VS2008. I can’t get over the Blend designer actually being right there inside of the VS IDE! And there is the DataGrid. But alas, no InkPresenter.

I spent some time (even digging around the dlls in Reflector) trying to find the SL version of the InkPresenter but finally decided to just give in.

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