Convert Windows Journal notes to Silverlight

The Mobile team is at it again. They have written a converter to take Journal notes and convert them into an interactive Silverlight page. You can read about it on the Mobile dev center and download the converter application. There are two live demos of it here on my own website where I have hosted their sample and one of my own. (Click on the images below to go to the samples.) Note that mine seems to have stretched a bit because I created it on a lower resolution computer.

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2 thoughts on “Convert Windows Journal notes to Silverlight

  1. Small world.My daughter (15yrs) lives in Bristol, Vt.I developed a set of tools for the Tablet PC several years ago.My intention was always to make them web-based (since my accounting application is 100% web-based.)Silverlight and the work you are doing are re-kindling my interest in the project.Two thing I need to be able to do are converting Ink to fortified Gif and Recognition.Both can be accomplished on the server side if could save the strokes (ISF) to the server.Thank you for your work.George

  2. Hey George. Recognition is totally doable. Look at the MIX sessions for the silverlight ink session (start at They demod it there and I think their samples are available. I have been working on somehting where I was saving to PNG files on the server side. The secret to getting the stuff to server side is a) persisting the xaml (I think Gavin Gear did a post on that ( and then sending it over via AJAX to a web service.When I finish up what I’m working on I’ll put it up and start writing an article about what I learned.

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