Dr. Neil on our Tablet DevLab and the official “class photo”

I dunno – the picture seems to be named “Tablet Dudes” – hey! I’m even wearing PINK for goodness sake. Three of the folks in the pic are from the Tablet Team, the rest are us students.

I had never met Neil Roodyn (aka Dr. Neil) before the DevLab. A super nice (and oh my god smart) guy. Here’s his take on the devlab I attended last week.

By the way “Dr. Neil” is not just some marketing moniker – he holds a PhD!

I have seen a few blogs that list some of the people at the devlab. Here is the full list. I’m going around the room in my memory since everyone seemed to stay in the same seats the whole time.

Martin Shoemaker who wins the prize for coming up with the most awesome ideas for improving mobile hardware.Martin is an INETA speaker and also author of TabletUML.
Jeff Richter, John Robbins and Charles Petzold (they sat together the whole time – there was a little glow coming from that part of the room)
Carl Franklin (Carl, dude, you’re not in the photo)
Markus Eggers Markus has written a bunch of Tablet stuff already in his Code Magazine.
Larry O’Brien who always wore the coolest shirts. Larry has written a bunch of Tablet articles for DevX like this one.
Jon Box  already a .NetCF guru, now he’s going to be a true Mobile programming guru!
Billy Hollis  – poor Billy, lower case “L“s are the most difficult letters for the hand writing recognition to pick up when you aren’t using cursive hand writing
Dr. Neil Roodyn
Paul Yao (author of the first official published book on Windows programming)
Carl Prothman (INETA speaker and user group leader of .NETDA in Redmond)

It was a thrill and an honor to be part of this group.

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