Evan Feldman from the Mobile PC Team talks about Microsoft and Tablet PCs

Evan Feldman just started a blog and already jumps into the deep end to address a big question we all have about TabletPC’s – who the heck is their target market. He has an explanation of what they are thinking over there in the TabletPC hallways of Microsoft and sums it up with this interesting statement:

those who are evaluating Tablet’s today aren’t necessarily the target user and thus don’t see the value and promise in the platform, but instead are looking towards all the cool things that the technology could do rather than the simple and mundane tasks that it actually enhances.

I think I’m going to add that quote to my deck for my tablet pc talk at DevTeach.

Evan, by the way, is now a user research manager for the Mobile PC Team  but he started the user research group for Tablet PC and says that his “charter is to understand the needs, usefulness and usability.“

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