Hanselman shows off handwriting reco

After his trials & tribulations with his stylus at TechEd, Scott went home with 3 styluses (ok – 6 years of Latin in high school tells me that should be stylii or something like that but remember, high school was a looooooong time ago). After I had whipped out a few test posts in Blink! and was more interested in testing my little program than correcting the few mistakes that the reco made, it was pointed out to me that that was a bad thing. Scott has a nice long post that he wrote on the airplane in ink (with reco) that is a much better demonstration. Truly the reco in the newest Tablet OS (the beta that is now part of XP2 SP2 RC1 – uggh another impossible name) is phenomenal. You have to have HORRIBLE handwriting, like me, to mess it up. Even then, it offers help. I just had refused it at the time of my blink posts.

His post started from the realization of how well reco just works and started thinking about the difference between “it just works” and “I got it to work”. Especially with the wireless problems at TechEd.

btw – “wreck-oh”, not “reeeee -koh”

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