iTablet… a bigger iPhone?

Last year, there was lots of buzz about a possible iTablet, for example, ZDNet’s Matthew Miller is piecing together some various things he’d been reading. I never really paid much attention to it but now the iPhone has been making me wonder  if the technology that has gone into the iPhone is headed for other things (and if I was paying more attention , that’s probably been said in a thousand blogs, too). Certainly if you google “tablet pc” and apple there’s gobs of speculation – mostly from last year because a patent had been filed at some point. The patent most likely was for the technology in the iPhone. But heck, I have a touch screen tablet pc (Lenovo Thinkpad X60) and yet I’m still drooling over the iPhone (no AT&T in Vermont and I want Mobile 6 anyway and someone also pointed out on a listserv today… that phone’s now cost more than computers!).

I don’t know how Apple would ever come close to what Microsoft has done with the Tablet PC platform though, especially with the hand writing recognition. If I recall correctly, there were over a million samples used to get the recognition algorithms. On my touch screen, I can actually write with my finger (just for fun, and it was Stephen Toub who gave me that idea) and the reco works with that even!

Of course there’s always Surface which is just as droolyas an iPhone  – just can’t put it in your pocket.

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