Jay Glynn – I’m outting you – he’s a TabletPC User

Okay, another one out of the closet. Heh heh. Not really. Jay’s been doing pen based computing for 10 years and has a hot new Toshiba M200.

And here is the power of a developer who is “one with the tablet” – his company is rolling out 7,000 tablets (early 2005).

So from a guy who knows what he’s talking about to those of you who say “huh???”:

The biggest argument that is heard is that I can type faster then I can write. Well no kidding. Anyone that spends 15 hours a day in front of a keyboard should be able to type fast. Ink and speech are called “alternate” input, not the only input. Ink is just another way to interact with your computer. If you look at in that way, then you can start to see some of the advantages.

Jay – if you are going to TechEd, would you like to help me lead the Tablet PC BOF?

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