Lenovo X60 Thinkpad Battery problems – will there be a new battery recall?

The battery on my 3 month old Lenovo X60 is dead and I am getting the dreaded notice in the power manager “Irreparable damage to the battery has been detected. Replace the battery with the new one.”

In addition to the message in the Power manager, I have the following symptoms:

  • Battery Indicator light is blinking orange
  • Power status says “Plugged in, not charging”
  • Computer shuts down immediately when unplugged (since the battery is dead).

This is not atypical of old batteries that need replacement, but this battery is fairly new and has not been abused in any way.

I attempted a recommended BIOS update but this requires a fully charged battery.

I checked the March 27th battery recall, but my battery was not on the list.

Luckily, I found a comment thread in the LenovoBlogs under a post that is a few months old called “Power Manager.” There is a new string of comments that began a few days ago with other people having this problem. An IBM technician from Vancouver has joined the thread, identifed the problem and is currently seeking a solution.

So if you have found my blog post via searching for a solution to this problem… keep an eye on the comments on the tail end of this post’s comments: http://www.lenovoblogs.com/insidethebox/?p=52.

I like having found the www.LenovoBlogs.com site. It’s a mini “blogs.msdn.com” and a good stab at corporate transparency and accessibility. The product manager’s direct phone number is even published there!

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10 thoughts on “Lenovo X60 Thinkpad Battery problems – will there be a new battery recall?

  1. my pc battery was not charging now it say (no battery is detected) i’m in jamaica what am i to do i cant get a battery so please help me

  2. Battery on my X61 died abruptly after 20 months. Guessing the battery management circuit is dead, since the cells were fine. Based on the huge number of similar posts on forums & blogs, there’s some fault in the design, and it seems to affect both X and T series.

  3. My T60 battery is charging over 20 hours. But, still at 0% charge and orrange batter icon is flashing. Replaced with new battery and it is doing the same. Any idea?

  4. I am on my 3rd battery replacement for my X60 in less than 2 years. I bought the extended warenty for $400 & they will not stand behind this battery problem.

  5. my T61 is almost 2 yrs old and the battery will will now no longer hold a charge.

    One would expect better performance.

    What are my options?

  6. I have the samme problem. Unfortunatelly I bought my laptom on 2nd hand market and I dont know how old is it…

  7. The same problem. 20 months, 9-cell W500, battery dead out of sudden and does not want to come back. Just week and a half before it was very fine and worked for over 5 hours so definitely not aged. Than I recharged it and after a few days of being at full charge it stopped working. I haven’t seen such a behavior any time before, even Acer’s battery outlived this one and died slowly by decreasing their capacity

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