MathPractice and my 7 year old guest

We had some friends over for dinner along with their 7 yr old granddaughter, Alexa, who is a bright and engaging little girl. I gave her my tablet to draw on and then after a while thought of MathPractice. I had never played with this app before, but I went to TabletPCPost , browsed to the Education programs and downloaded it and let Alexa use it. She was so excited to work with this application. She actually loves math and her grannies get her lots of math workbooksfor kids her age which entertain her enormously. But the worksbooks don’t give her a little smiley face when she has answered correctly or highlight a number in red if it’s incorrect. So this program just gave her a new, interesting and entertaining way to learn math. Her grannies were really thrilled. She is looking forward to trying out some of the other programs on the tabletpc they have at home. MathPractice is another one of Loren Heiny’s programs that go beyond just using ink to replace a keyboard.

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