Microsoft Watch: Trouble in Tablet Land

This did not come in through the RSS feed, so thanks to Robert Scoble for  pointing it out.

Mary Jo Foley lists the many problems/points of confusion with  the message Microsoft is sending about TabletPCs and wonders what the future holds (and what we think).

Robert says that if the Tablet Team was blogging, this problem would not exist (or not be as bad). I’m not sure I agree with that. The IPOD isn’t successful because of Apple’s computing.

Loren Heiny, Layne Heiny, and Peter Rysavy are frequently analyzing this in their weblogs, which, if this topic interests you, I would recommend subscribing to.

Whatever the problem, whatever the reason – it is a huge shame that this is the public perception.

Mary Jo has a great quote in her article:

One user said it best: “The irony is, people love Tablets and it’s a great technology. End users love it once they see it. It’s the most viral thing ever. A gold mine. And they (Microsoft) are committing suicide.”

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