Re-Thinking Ink with Shawn van Ness

If you have done any work with the TabletPC SDK, you are probably aware that there is a COM API and a managed API, but that the managed API is really just a wrapper to the COM API. You are also probably aware that the Tablet API is VERY tightly bound to the windows API. Everything that you do is through windows handles. If you have tried to add ink to your web pages, you probably learned this lesson well also.

Shawn van Ness was fortunate enough not only to have been born with a pretty good brain, but he was also lucky to be working at the Leszynski Group when they got very involved with doing TabletPC development hand in hand with Microsoft. Do you know that it was the Leszynski Group that wrote the super cool Physics Illustrator app? And that Shawn was one of the authors of that program? Shawn has also authored a great many Tablet PC development articles for MSDN Online.

So I was definitely not surprised to learn in February that he had finally gotten scooped up by Microsoft to ink-enable Avalon. And I was not surprised when his recent blog article came out talking about ink being baked directly into Avalon.

What is interesting is how differently it is all going to work. Because Avalon tosses our dependence on Windows handles, working with ink had to be rethought from the ground up. Shawn is a very good teacher and he offers a great explanation of how and why this will work and how it is compares to our current Tablet PC SDK development experience.

And no, I have NOT played with Avalon yet. Aaargh!

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