Scott W bites the tablet bullet

Scott Watermasysk was asking around about the hefty Gateway Tablet PC. He said he just wanted it for email etc. I  nearly whacked him upside the head (not really –he lives far away and my arm’s not long enough to reach all the way up there) and asked why on earth he wanted such a mammoth to do email? 🙂  I told him about the little love of my life, my Acer C110 and he just got one. Soon I have to give my Acer back to my client sniff sniff and will have a Toshiba M200 (1.1 pounds heavier), but I will be using it for more than email.

Don’t get me wrong. The Acer is a powerful little box. It’s just that because it is so small, it’s a little hard to crank out code on. The keyboard is 80% and the screen is small (and everything on it is tiny as it likes to be at 1024×768. So unless you have a burning need for a large screen (and full sized keyboard) and you are looking for something VERY portable that is still a convertible, this is definitely a great way to go.

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