Some Common Issues in Tablet PC Web Application Development and Deployment

1) Make sure that you using the RTM (release) version of the Tablet PC SDK 1.7 when you are compiling your component if you want your control to work on the final bits of Windows XP SP2. 

The SDK is v1.7.2600.2180 and can be downloaded at or

2) Link the object, not it’s handle, to the InkOverlay/InkCollector.

One of the special things about version 1.7 is that it the ink controls can work in partial trust scenarios, but you need to construct your InkOverlay as 

 myinkOverlay= new inkOverlay(mycontrol)

rather than the normal way:

 myinkOverlay= new inkOverlay(mycontrol.Handle)

This way, the end user no longer needs to designate your website as “fully trusted“, however it is still necessary to list the site as a “trusted site“ in i.e. and that’s enough. My “trusted sties“ are set in .net 1.1 as “low trust“ and it does the trick – the component is pulled down into the GAC and you can ink away.

3) When deploying, place the dll for the control into the same folder as the aspx page that is calling it.
Maybe this is the norm for any windows control that is used on a web page – though this is my first time doing such a thing. My instinct was to put it in the bin with everything else, but my page did not work with it in the bin. It was happy when I put the dll alongside the aspx file. (Shawn van Ness explains that since this is not an ASP.NET dll, it does not go in the bin with the others. It is more akin to a jpeg in this use and needs to be in a folder that IIS will allow downloads from. I will to experiment with explicitly placing it in another folder. Of course, this is not special to TabletPC development. It just happens to be my first experience with embedding windows forms controls in i.e.)

4) Don’t expect to do any code-behind in working with the Windows Control.
The <OBJECT> tag cannot be set to runat=server. I got stuck having to do a lot of client side interaction with the inkable control in the doodle test page I put up the other day.

[Thanks to Stefan Wick (MS) and Casey Chesnut for some clarification on the first two problems]

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