Something I did on my tablet I could not have done with a mouse!

We had a lot of INETA meetings last week and even more additional meetings for the User Group Relations Committee which we are expanding to help handle the growing number of User Group members in North America.

A few months ago I had created a power point map to visualize the distribution of states among our liaisons. With the addition of new volunteers over the course of the week, I copied and pasted that jpeg into Journal and used it to work on while we were discussing how to redistribute states. This is NOT a final list of liaisons per states, but just an example of something I was able to do because I had my tablet that I would never have been able to do with a mouse and keyboard.

And I don’t want any comments about my hen-scratching! 🙂 I am definitely someone whose keyboarding skills far exceed my penmanship these days!

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