Tablet PC Events this week (today in NYC!!)

Copied/Pasted directly from Tabula PC (thanks Peter…)

Tablet PC Developer tour dates:


  • New York and Philadelphia: Tuesday, May 18
  • Newark, NJ and Santa Clara, CA: Wednesday, May 19


The Mobility Road Show also has somewhat "matching dates" this week:


  • New York: May 18 and May 19
  • Philadelphia: May 18
  • San Jose, CA: May 19


The mobility road show is the one for IT folks and decision makers, showing them how mobile computing can make your staff members more productive. The real gems are that all attendees will get a free copy of Office 2003 Professional, a trial version of OneNote, and one Toshiba M205 tablet will be given away at each event. Sounds like a great chance for freebies, so make sure to look for your nearest event location.

The Tablet PC Campus Demo Tour should be making the following stops this week:


  • Stanford University: May 18
  • University of Delaware: May 18
  • Georgia State University: May 18
  • Kansas State University: May 18
  • University of Massachusetts – Boston: May 18
  • University of California – Berkeley: May 20
  • North Virginia Community College: May 20
  • University of South Florida: May 21
  • University of Nebraska: May 21


The campus tour also offers a chance to win one of 50 Tablet PCs. Dates, times, and locations for all these events may be totally inaccurate, but hopefully they are actually correct these days. Eyewitness accounts and impressions are always welcome!

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