TabletPC 2005 is really still coming out in 2004

The poor Microsoft Tablet Team is already battling confusion over the renaming of Lonestar/Tablet PC Edition 2004 to Tablet PC Edition 2005. Okay – their explanation makes sense to me.

Even though this Tablet PC version will be coming out in mid-2004, it will probably be the basic version for a bunch of years. So if they left the name 2004, then by 2006 it’s going to sound REALLY old. So they are calling it 2005. But it is still being released in 2004.

The problem that they have created is that Microsoft just finally stamped Visual Studio .NET Whidbey with it’s official name “VS.NET 2005” Visual Studio 2005 (thanks Erik Porter for the reminder, it is hard to keep up!!) and it is coming out in 2005 and Yukon is now  “SQL Server 2005” and *it* is coming out in 2005. So, Tablet PC Edition 2005 coming out in 2004 is going to be a bit of a marketing problem.

The funny part of this for me is I had grown quite fond of all of the code names: Whidbey, Lonestar, Yukon. I miss them already.

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