Tablets Tablets everywhere – swarming over the U.S. for the next few months – go out and play with one!

Wow lots of tablet events sweeping the country in the next few months. Grabbed ths list from Loren and am adding my own comments.

Mobility Road Show
About 20+ cities. 8:30am to noon  Targetted at end users

Tablet PC Demo Days
Major retailers (mostly Circuit CIty, Best Buy and CompUSA). For 12 straight weeks, each store will have one afternoon per week to come in an play with tablets.

Microsoft Tablet PC Developers DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS Tour 2004 FREE FREE FREE
(I added those extra developers) Full day of Free training on using hte Tablet PC APIs to develop applications for tablets that will do a lot more than just leverage the built in ink capabilities of the tablet o/s.

Tablet PC Campus Demo Tour
Wow – over 50 campuses around the country. Each campus will have a whole afternoon to play with Tablets and an opportunity to win one, too.

Student Mobility Tour 2004
But wait there’s more! This is tablets, smartphones and pocketpcs. From 10am – 2pm at a number of college campuses. This is half over already.

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