Think in Ink contest extended to Aug 31st

Not for lack of submissions, but I think just a little confusion about the actual ending date. So you have another month to dig in to the TabletPC SDK and submit a Tablet App to this $100,000 contest. This is not a utility contest – but a real live app …the more mass appeal, the better.

If you go over to the MSDN site ( you can start learning quite a lot. They have posted the video of Arin Goldberg’s excellent presentation on using the SDK. There’s a lot more in there (in the SDK) than you can imagine. Just think – you don’ t have to spend the rest of your life writing the same boring old data entry applications!

Stay tuned to that site. There is going to be a lot of new content coming down the pipes from some big names in the .NET, nay, Windows programming world. The TabletPC buzz is just getting louder. I am also going to add an article or two as well.

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