Thinking about mass market appeal for tablet pcs

I don’t use my tablet on an everyday basis and I am hardly a tablet power user. I am a programmer who is curious about the tablet as a way to extend my user’s relationship with their applications.*

However, for mass market ink appeal, I don’t understand why Josh Einstein’s extension to Outlook isn’t getting people more excited. Everyone uses Outlook (please don’t take that literally). The market is already there. This may not be the killer app that will drive people to purchase tablets, but once they are using them, they should be damned glad to have a tool like this.

Eventually people won’t be choosing between tablet and not tablet. They’ll just be buying their mobile pc and one of the common features will be ink. And don’t forget, another will be speech recognition. Believe me, Josh is thinking about this too!

*If you have ever had to do tech support for your applications, you probably know why “relationship” is an appropriate term here. 🙂

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