No NO (New Orleans) for TechEd 2007

I am 99% with Kate on this one. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans and was excited about the added aspect of TechEd 2007 having a major impact on the city’s economy. The only thing Kate & I disagree on is that I’d like to see it in Burlington, VT. Of course, Burlington has no means of hosting an event even 1/4 this size. Oh well. Hawaii?

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4 thoughts on “No NO (New Orleans) for TechEd 2007

  1. Hartford CT may be a good one. We have a new Convention Center that may work well -;-)SBC

  2. I am disappointed. I am at the Morial Convention Center right now attending the National Association of REALTORSConvention and there are 30,000 attendees. NO needs help getting back on their feet and I honestly have not been inconvenienced at all due to Katrina! Shuttle buses are running. Hotels are adequate and the French Quarter is almost to full capacity. NO is great! Please reconsider Microsoft!!!!Matt

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