TechEd speakers – toes yes, jeans no

In the past, there has always been this funny rule about representing Microsoft at TechEd that said “no open toe shoes”. Yesterday we finally got the email about our attire and there was nothing about open toe shoes. However, I was not happy to see “khaki or black pants/skirt” only. (And they were clear to note “where appropriate” next to “skirt” heh.) But the color restriction (which I should have expected) was a bummer because I have lost some weight and my khaki and black pants are awfully baggy and my Patagucci khaki’s from my pre-.NET days when I had loads of time to exercise are still a little snug and now a little out of fashion (“Expecting a FLOOD, Julie?”). I do have to go to “the big city” (that’s Burlington VT, pop. 40,000) on Friday, so perhaps I’ll go buy some new pants. But at least I get to wear my Tevas.

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2 thoughts on “TechEd speakers – toes yes, jeans no

  1. Hey Julie,Glad to see they’ll let you give your presentations Vermont-style (footwear-wise anyway).I’ll be headed down to Orlando Monday morning (only direct flight to Orlando is JetBlue in the AM) so I’m sure I’ll see you down there.Have fun with your presentations.I don’t have anything currently planned for those Thursday time slots, so I’ll probably stop by & check them out.See you,Rob

  2. Hi Julie,You worry about the Microsoft dress code?You should have seen the code for Royal Ascot here in the UK this year.Ascot has always been famously fussy about dress.The papers are full every year of celebs, standing in the car park, who thought they would be able to get in with only a slight bend to the rules. This year the code included "Knickers: A definite yes – but not on show, please, ladies!"Just in case you need the translation knickers == panties.

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