Big Winner #2 at TechEd: CodeRush

Mark Miller, from Developer Express, was clearly the “belle of the ball” (well, the beaux of the ball) at TechEd showing off their phenomenal product, CodeRush. This was viral. I knew it was cool when I saw Scott Hansleman hunkered down with Mark and his laptop for about 2 hours at the cabanas. In fact I was chatting with someone who had something to talk with Scott about and said “he is way too seriously involved with Mark right now, I’d recommend waiting…“ Just google “CodeRush weblog” and you will see how many people were writing about it. I spent some time with Mark as well and saw it work it’s magic in C# and it is amazing. I think C# needs it a lot more than VB does (think: “where is that damned end bracket?:….right?) and will check out what it does in VB as well. CodeRush has been a must have tool in the Delphi world for a long time. It will surely make the same dive in to the .NET world now.

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