Debugger Visualizers in latest bits

Although I was expecting some syntax changes, so far, my debugger visualizer that I wrote with the March bits and ran with the Beta1 still runs in the October bits.

Two things to note: if you have the debugger visualizer project open in the same solution as the app you want to use it in, you will get a wierd error when trying to use that visualizer in run time. I actually haven’t dug into how to debug these things. They are not like a project that you reference and debug into. But if you are testing it, you would just open it up in a separate instance of VS, then compile and copy the dll into the directory and test again.

The other thing is that when you create your visualizer and, as per the Beta1 bits, have to put them into mydocuments\visual studio\visualizers folder. In these bits, the folder does not pre-exist. However if you use one of the canned visualizers, then the folder gets created automatically.

Here is another pointer if you are moving a d.v. from older bits to newer bits.

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