Good Morning. Your SQL Server license has expired.

This was the phone call at 7am from the sys-admin at my client site. After a major server hacker problem a few months ago, they threw together a new box with Win2003 Server and a trial version of SQL 2000 to tide them over until they rebuilt the other machine. Things have been running smoothly on this temporary box and they had put off upgrading the regular server (which had SQL7 and Win2000 on it) for a few months because of the cost. Apparently they miscalculated the dates. They will have the the new license tomorrow but the immediate solution (while everyone in the company sat on their hands) was to put another trial on another server machine that is on the network. There are a lot of applications using SQL Server including a bunch of Web Applications.  So I had a fun morning. But we got past it and everything’s fine and they’ll be breathing a little easier after tomorrow. One person in the office did call to ask when SQL 2005 is coming out. It’s painful to pay the $5,000 knowing that they will have to do it again soon. I promised them that I won’t force them to SQL2005 too quickly.

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