In the “hey, you can’t know everything” category: File Name Copy Tools

Twice, I spent some time googling around for some way of having “copy file name” in my context menu in Windows. I saw a few utilities, but couldn’t find anything (along the lines of Scott Haneslman’s Ultimate Tools list) recommending any of them. So I happened to blog “wouldn’t it be nice” and out of the woodwork come a lot comments and emails with tool (and key-combo – which I have been using but somehow I prefer the ol’ right-click) recommendations. There is even a still-functioning in XP Windows 95 PowerToy.

Mike Gunderloy, googled and emailed me a suggestion. My reponse was “hey, *you* try it first, Mikey and let me know if it blows up your computer or not.” 😉

Here’s the list of recommendations that have come through my blog and Mike’s post. Some of these people are using, others have said “found this on Google for you”

Win95 PowerToy

Ninotech PathCopy

keyboard F2 (rename) ; Ctrl+C



keyboard F2; Ctrl+A; Ctrl+C



Go forth and conquer. Let me know what your faves are.

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6 thoughts on “In the “hey, you can’t know everything” category: File Name Copy Tools

  1. Jon Schneider beat me to it, but I’ve been using ClipPath for a while and I really like it. It just does one thing (a uni-tasker, in the parlance of Alton Brown), but it’s there when I need it.I’m curious if the other ones you listed do anything more, though…

  2. Toss the Windows Explorer and use Directory Opus, it has it built in to copy the filename or the full pathname.The other features are too numerous to mention.For me, it’s worth the price just to have a create directory button!It’s at

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