Is Visual Studio Code Bugging You For Your User Name and E-Mail Address?

“Please configure your git user name and e-mail”

Are you seeing this message when trying to push changes from Visual Studio Code to github?

It turns out that all of those times I’d been pushing/pulling from the command prompt and entering my name and email each time could have been avoided with the same configuration. But Visual Studio Code wasn’t going to let me get away with that laziness.

I finally GoogleBinged the message and learned that the configuration is something you need to do from the command prompt.

git config --global yourname
git config --global [email protected]

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8 thoughts on “Is Visual Studio Code Bugging You For Your User Name and E-Mail Address?

  1. You can also have git remember your credentials for sites like BitBucket and GitHub, so you don’t have to enter those every time you pull/push.
    helper = store

    1. works for me on VSCODE with https (only asks for the User Name password once) by doing this on the Terminal (pwsh on Windows 10):

      git remote set-url origin


      git config –global credential.helper store

        1. With this method the credentials get stored in clear-text form inside “.git-credentials” but this file is outside your repository so it does not get checked-in your code.

          For me it’s at the root on Windows 10 i.e.


  2. thanks … this helped me when i setup my dev environment today on Ubuntu and was getting this error in VSCODE.

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