Jimmy Nilsson’s Test Driven Development VSLive presentation

Jimmy Nilsson presented on TDD at VSLive recently. He writes in his blog “a couple of guys told me that they love the idea of TDD, but they have a hard time getting started each time they try. One of them said that he had a couple of setters and getters, some add methods, and some calculations, but it’s very hard to know where to add tests.”

I understand this fully! It is something you need to cut out a large chunk of time to get started up in and I have never gotten very far. I do unit testing in .NET the hard way, still. Write a little code, compile and run the whole damned application. In VB6, you could run chunks of code from anywhere from the immediate window. But the way the CLR works, you can’t do that in .NET.

Jimmy postulates that the problem is very much like error handling. If you have already got a ton of your code written, it’s a real pain to plug in the TDD code after the fact. His advice is here. (same link as above)

Also, he talks about the presentaiton and posted the his transcript from his talk here.


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