Losing stuff

It’s starting to become a pattern

I “lost” my Pocket PC at DevTeach in Montreal. I think I accidentally left it behind in the hotel room and it was never to be seen again – or something like that.

After spending 45 minutes showing the very nice young waitress at the New York Sports Grill who is attending art school my TabletPC and letting her play with it, I managed to leave the stylus behind. Someone probably just picked it up thinking it was a cheapo pen. By the time I was getting ready to board the plane and realized I didn’t have my stylus, the restaurant was all closed up. That’s the $32 stylus that handily fits right into my tablet. Darn! Luckily I have a beautiful Wacom Executive pen.

I left my handy little retractable ethernet cable behind while at Code Camp. That was one my MVP Lead gave to me last year and it is a great thing to have.

I “lost” my laptop mouse at DevConnections. I’m 98% sure I left it in my room on the desk when I went downstairs.

Lucky for me I had some MVP bucks left so I just went ahead and replaced the last two items. I try try try to look behind me whenever I leave a room where I have stuff. Really I do. I have another pocketpc but I don’t even use it.


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