Mike G’s new book made me break my golden rule

What’s my golden rule? No computer books in my bedroom. THat sounds a little wierd out of context. I read novels at night to clear my head so I can sleep. I will NOT read ANY technical anything. They are not allowed in my bedroom even – no magazines, no books. I got a copy of Mike Gunderloy’s book , Coder to Developer, yesterday and started looking at it and then started reading it and then continued reading it in bed before I went to sleep. I have been programming for 20 years, but it is still interesting for me to be reading this book because it refreshes ideas about certain things, gives me new ideas (I have heard of MindJet but had no idea what it was or about mind mapping – and I sure as hell bet that will be an awesome app to use with ink). ALso, it is great to see how other programmers (who have been at it for a long time and who I have a lot of respect for) go about their development process.

The book is geared at taking people who know a lot about coding, but do not really know about the scope of developing a project. These are skills that it takes years to evolve through experience and it’s a perfect book for someone like Mike to write.

I will surely be sharing more of my thoughts on this book.

This is a silly side comment, but I really like the cover, too.

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