MSDN Article on Security with WSE 2.0

Although I have finally finished my deck for WSE 2 Security for Dummies, I am very happy to see this new article on WSE2 Security by Don Smith on MSDN online. I have really gained a lot be reading (or viewing) many different peoples explanations on this topic so that I was able to get my own grasp of it. Thanks to Rebecca Dias for pointing it out.

Though I will list and link more carefully, some of the great resources I have been using are Michele Leroux Bustamante’s Code Magazine article, Jeannine Hall Gailey’s Microsoft Press book on Understanding Web Services Specs and WSE, TechEd presentation by Benjamin Mitchell, MSDN TV video by Benjamin and John Bristowe, WSE 2.0 Security hands on lab by Aaron Skonnard and the truly fantastic API documentation for WSE 2.0.

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