oops – I’m a dope

I have been trying to figure out why my crystal reports are mysteriously growing to 2+MB in one of my applications. Ummm DUH – I kind of forgot that I had embedded a watermark in them and that file is over 1MB. I actually got them to call me to help me about it (awesome tech support guy who has been with Crystal for 7 years). I think sometimes I am too quick to get aggravated by Crystal.

Now I have to figure out how to either shrink the watermark or I was told I can deploy the rpt files outside of the dlls.

Update: not so dopey. Even if I use a 30KB jpeg for the watermark, it still get’s morphed into an OLE bitmap and makes a 400KB dll with a crystal report in it go to 2MB. It’s just how it works.

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