Paintshop Pro – aha! It wasn’t just me!

I have used PaintShop Pro for years – I think since version 4. The features I use most are screen capture, image resize and brightness/contrast adjustment. Once in a while I will create little graphics with it, too.

A few versions ago, they decided to compete with the serious graphics applications and started dumping in so much stuff that I had no understanding of or use for (kinda like Excel 🙂 ). I never could got a handle for most of these features and often they get in my way. I still use it, though, just because it’s there and I have the license and it’s 4 gazillion trillion etc times better than MS Paint.

Scott Hanselman talks about the new Paint.NET and at the same time, expresses the exact same frustration with PaintShop Pro that I have always had. Nice to know it wasn’t just me. I guess I better go take a look at this Paint.NET, as Scott is the de facto guy when it comes to utilities!!

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