Server Day

Today we switched servers at my main client. The old box had win2k, IIS5 and SQL7. The new has win2003, IIS6 and SQL2000. So this meant with many vb6 apps, numerous .NET apps, many web services, a few asp websites and a few .net websites, and mostly win2000 client machines throughout the office, we had a lot of variety to deal with. I spent some time prepping and testing for this but of course, every computer is somehow different. I actually was able to solve some problems with some of the knowledge I gained prepping for the Seucrity Beta test. It was a long day and will be a long night. But it is worth it to have them finally on the newer server software.

I still plan to stay up to hear Kathleen Dollard on DotNetRocks live from 10pm EST – 12am.

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