WSE2 for dummies

I’m going to be doing a lot of work in WSE2 over the next few months …so if you are like me and think this stuff is just for plumbers like Michele L.B. or Christian Weyer or Bristowe, etc., you can witness a normal person actually understanding and heck, even USING WSE2. Because that is part of the point of wse 2.0. Not only does it embrace the latest WS Specs, but they have added an entire layer of functionality to make this stuff accessible to a lot more developers.

I created a carrot for myself to force myself to do this — which is one of my presentations at ASP.NET Connections: “WSE2.0 for Dummies“. And of course the reward will be that I am going to really do some rockin’ stuff to my clients’ application.

here is an interesting article I found when trying to sort out where the ws-* stuff fits in with the OASIS standards…old news to many, completely uninteresting to others :-), but info that I saw and set aside for “later“ without really absorbing…well “later” is now…

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