Hiking up to Angel’s Landing at Zion

Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park is at the tip of this mountain:

and begins with this warning:

I am terrified of heights and have Vertigo, but up we went.

After a while of normal switchbacks and through a canyon, we hit the famous Walter’s Wiggles – a series of very tight switchbacks that are built up for support.

Sometimes, there is no edge on Walter’s Wiggles:

Eventually, we reached Scout Lookout to be greeted by these happy little one-holers…


and another warning…

but on we went… to this


I went up a ways, but eventually was pretty scared and knew that going down would be harder. So I turned around and Rich went on. Here are a few pictures to his journey over this hump, up the next…


then across this narrow precipice (with a 1500′ drop!!!)

and on to the glory of Angel’s Landing and this view.

Then he had to come all the way back to where he left me still recovering from my few feet on the rocks. Yay Rich!

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