The "body clock" I didn’t know I had

No, not *that* one (the oh-my-god-I-gotta-have-a-baby-before-it’s-too-late, clock …that stopped ticking years ago). My flight to Orlando for TechEd was a 6am flight. The concept of me getting up on time for that, much less even being awake at 6am makes my husband laugh his butt off.

I got to bed last night at 11 and set my alarm for 4am. Well, I changed the alarm *time* to 4am, but apparently never pushed the button to make the alarm go off. And I was exhausted so I slept very soundly. Somehow (and this is not normal for me), I woke up in the middle of the night and in my daze remembered that I had a flight so looked at the clock. It was 4:10!

I don’t know how I was so lucky, but thank goodness. Being a bit of a road warrior, I had all of my stuff ready to go and my clothes laid out, so it took me no time at all to get dressed and out the door. And I was sitting in the waiting area at 5:15 with plenty of time to go.


Flights are all on time so far so good. Looks like I’ll make it easily for my Ask the Expert Session. The location is "Red TLC- Windows Booth", wherever that is!

Website Graffiti?  Drawing and Annotation with Silverlight

Tuesday June 3rd 1:00-2:00                      Julie Lerman – The Data Farm

In this session you will learn the basics of using Silverlight’s InkPresenter to enable users to draw on your websites and annotate images and video. You will also see the how web services can be used in conjunction with Silverlight to provide more advanced features such as handwriting recognition and database persistence.

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2 thoughts on “The "body clock" I didn’t know I had

  1. Hehe, tell me about it… been there done that, so many times. The worst time was when I dreamt that I woke late for something and got a panic in that dream… Then I woke up and saw that I hadn’t overslept by 4 hours, only 2 hours and panicked again… But then I woke up for real 10 minutes after the alarm was suppose to go off, just like you. 🙂 Crazy stuff

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