The LONG short trip home – flying during thunderstorms

I had to fly from Binghamton to Burlington yesterday. The flight was scheduled to leave Binghamton at 1:55 p, arrive in Philly at 2:30 and then another flight at 3:30 arriving in Burlington at 5:00pm. Philadelphia had more wicked storms yesterday which forced many airplanes to sit on the runway before allowing the passengers to depart. The reason was that they are not allowed to use the ramps when there is lightning (which is totally reasonable). Needless to say, the airport was a mess, many flights were delayed and people were even stranded. I did manage though to get home last night, arriving in Burlington at 11:30pm. The irony was that normally I drive, as it is only a 5.5 hour drive from Binghamton to my house. This trip ended up being over 12 hours door to door. 

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